Wikis: Ten (not so) Secrets about theWeb's Most Powerful

Welcome to this presentation / workshop on the basics of using wikis within your classroom.

Wikis can be used in so many ways to create powerful and dynamic learning environments. From the simplicity of a classroom notice board and resource center to hosting student work and global collaborative projects, wikis are the most powerful web 2.0 tool available to educators and students.

There are many free wiki hosting services (commonly called wikifarms) out there. I prefer to use wikispaces, a education-friendly service available from Tangient. Thier commitment to K-12 education, demonstrated through their offer of fully-functioning, ad-free spaces for teachers allows the flexibility of different levels of privacy (spaces can even be made private, lots of content upload space (2GB per space, 20 MB per file) and amazing tech support will make your use of wikis in your class a positive experience.

The Laptop InstituteLausanne Collegiate School
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
July, 2011

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