Wikispaces is offering another 250,000 ad-free and fully functional wikispaces for K-12 education.

wikispacesshot.jpgCreating Your Ad-Free Space

To claim your space (or more than one!) you can simply go to But don't create your space using the Join Now - Free! fields in the top right of the page...

Instead, look down to the middle of the page and see where wikispaces is promoting their free wikis for teachers.

Simply hit "create your own wiki today", fill out the basic information, and you are off and running to get your FREE wikispace.

But my space has ads???!!

If your space shows up with ads, don't worry. To have your new or existing space changed to an ad-free, fully-functioning, K-12 education space simply click on the manage space link at the top of the NavBar (the left hand side), click on the Subscription icon, scroll down to the bottom of the page and Request a Complimentary Upgrade for K-12 Education.

If you still have troubles, email the amazing crew at, tell them the URL web address of the space, indicate that is used exclusively for K-12 education, and ask them to change upgrade it to a K-12 education space. You'll be amazed at just how quick the ads will go away!!