Sharing Resources

Here are three basic ways to share resources; Files, links and RSS Feeds.

Files (including audio/video)

Documents (e.g. word processors, presentations, etc.) can be uploaded in the same manner as pictures. Once uploaded, they can then be placed on the page in the same manner as photos, but once placed, they will simply show as a document link until the page is saved. Once saved, the file will show up as a link that can be downloaded or as a video/audio file that can be played directly in the wiki.

An example is below.

Video files will upload and auto-embed into the wiki in a player.


Links to existing web content are easily made as we saw previously. These links can be to information or expert reference sites.


Humpback Whale

RSS Feeds

RSS (or real-simple syndication) allows you to collect information automatically based on pre-determined criteria. For instance, if you were leading a science class and wanted to bring current news on science into your class on Science topics for your students to read and journal about.

RSS feeds can now be added using the embedded media feature (see next link).