Inserting Images

Images can easily be inserted into a wikipage. This allows you and your students to use images within the wiki to communicate ideas.

To insert a static image on a wikipage, you must first capture and upload the images up to the wikispace. Each K-12 space in wikispaces has 2 GB of storage available.

IMG_0052.jpgYou can use images in jpeg or gif format, but first you must have them on your computer or on the web (e.g. Flickr). Once you have the image stored, you can upload the image by clikcing on the add image link (it looks like the picture frame) on the edit bar. An image window will open that allows you to manage previous images or upload new ones. Simply browse your computer, locate the image and choose the upload.

Once your image is uploaded you may place it on your page by placing your cursor in the location where you want it to be, double click on the image and voila!

One tip...make sure you align the image left or right to make text wrap around the image.

You can place multiple images on one page, and can even place images in the navigation sidebar. Once placed, you can resize the image by the control handles on the corners.