Authentic and Timely Assessment

Educators can use the various features available in wikispaces to monitor student work and provide authentic feedback and assessment. Students can use the same tools to collaborate on projects and peer critique and assessment.

Discussion Tab

On the top of every page there are a number of tabs. The discussion tab allows for members of the space to communicate with each other through a message forum. This forum is unique to each page.

Educators can use this space to provide feedback and on-going assessment to students as their work progresses. No more wondering how students are doing. Now you can see student work in progress, with real-time assessment opportunities and two-way communication.

Students can also use this link to communicate in the background on collaborative efforts. This is especially helpful if your project includes students who are not in the same real environment.

History Tab

This tab provides a history of each and every edit made on a page. It indicates the date, time, who made the edit and even what they added or removed. This allows for teachers to monitor student effort and activity. In group work, teachers can see who added what components to the page.

This history tab also allows for recovery of previous pages. If a student adds, removes or alters content and then wishes to recover a previous version, any member of the space may do so by simply selecting the version and using the revert to this version link.