Editing Pages in wikispaces can easily be edited by selecting the Edit This Page button on the top of any page. If the button shows as Protected instead, you are either not signed into your user account (your username will appear top right if you are signed in) or you are not a member of this protected space.

Once a page is in Page Edit mode, a toolbar appears along the top that allows basic editing features. Wikispaces do not have the same editing features that most word processors do, and it will take some trial and error to figure out it's quirks, but it does allow basic editing features. Formatted text that is pasted into a wiki will generally lose all of it's formatting, and will appear as black text with a standard font.

Editing Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar along the left hand side helps us move from one page within a space to another. The navbar can be edited by selecting the edit navigation link on the bottom of the navbar. This will open the navbar into edit mode, where we can add text, links or graphics.

When we first open the navbar editor (referred to as a Space.menu), you will see a grey "List Pages" icon. By default, this will simply list all pages in your wikispace that have content in order of creation. DELETE IT!

Earlier we saw how to create a new page and a hyperlink at the same time. You can also make hyperlinks from existing text and images within a wiki.

There are two types of hyperlinks that can be easily made to existing text and images within a wiki. Both are accesses through the Insert Link icon (looks like a globe with a chain link on it) when you are in Page Edit mode.

The first is a wiki link. This allows an internal link to be made to another page within the same wikispace, or a page in another wikispace. Simply list the space name before the wikispaces in the url (e.g. this space name is whipple-tsaw). The page can be any page within the space. If you want to link it to the main space page, simply use home here.

You can also make links to other web pages. This can be done by selecting external link and inserting the page URL. This will allow you to direct students to resource pages outside the wiki.