Merging Multiple Spaces

Sometimes merging multiple spaces provides a solution to issues of student permissions for workspaces. If you want some pages to be open for students to edit, and others where only you have permissions, then you can create two webpages and merge them together using links.

All pages in one wikispace have identical navigation sidebars. Example, each separate page on this site starts with the base URL of Individual pages are differentiated by the tags on the end. While navigating between pages, the sidebar doens't change.

However, if you select the link to "Classroom Uses of Wikis", you will find that the navigation sidebar changes. Note the change in the URL as well. This is because the Classroom Uses of Wikis page is on a different wikispace. The sidebar and URL's are both different.

This would allow you to have one site that hosts your resources that only you are able to edit, and one site where you could host student work.

These are done by simply linking between the pages using the linking instructions above.


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